Roger + Shannon

Roger + Shannon

Do you know the feeling when you are dealt an amazing hand of cards in poker, and you can barely contain your excitement at the serendipity? Well, when Pat & Charissa Magno sent Shannon and Roger our way to shoot their New York elopement, it was like being handed a royal flush!

Not only were we getting another opportunity to shoot alongside some of our favorite photographers in the world in one of the most amazing places on earth, but Shannon and Roger were so genuine, vulnerable, and willing to open up that it made telling their love story like a breeze! If that weren't enough, add the fact that we had the entirety of New York as a playground and the luxury of time to leisurely capture the imagery of our dreams!

Above image courtesy of Charissa Magno Photography

Aaron + Anna

Aaron + Anna

We had the greatest honor to shoot Anna and Aaron's wedding and was referred by their sweet friend and fellow wedding vendor Melissa Ward of Whimsique Invitations & Stationery. We are so happy that we were able to produce their Highlight Film, be a part of their special day, and witness the genuine adoration they share for one another.

Above image courtesy of Red Trolley Studio

Joseph + Michelle

Joseph + Michelle

This is a special film for a couple dear to our hearts.  This weekend we had the honor of producing a Same Day Premiere wedding film for one of Jason’s closest friends.  Joe was one of Jason’s former roommates and a groomsman in our wedding!

We feel like everyone needs a friend like Joe.  He is the life of every party, has untouchable charisma, and  charges the room with an uplifting and positive energy.  We always joke that Joe is at 300%.  When he is present, he is there for you 300%.  When he dislikes something, he dislikes it 300%.  When he loves something, he loves it 300%.  It is no surprise to us that when he found his bride, he would have all the love in the world and more to offer her.

Julian + Misha

Julian + Misha

Misha and Julian's wedding was truly a destination wedding in our backyard. The Mission Inn in Riverside provided a jaw dropping visual landscape for this beautiful couple's special day.  Few wedding venues have inspired such epic elegance and romance.  Did we just step into another world?  Europe perhaps? 

Above image courtesy of Aubree Lynn Photography

Monico + Phyllis



Sometimes it's love at first sight.  Sometimes love happens over the span of many years, growing slowly from a solid friendship into a lifelong bond.  For Phyllis and Monico, love happened when the popular girl started asking the “nerdy-ish” math whiz for help on her homework in high school.  We are beyond excited to debut their adorable story.  This weekend, we premiered the Love Story at their wedding reception, and surprised the couple with the Same Day Edit at the end!  Enjoy!


Ceremony & Reception Venue // Weddings at Pala Mesa Resort

Coordination // Weddings by Thomas Lewis

Photography // Philip Tran Photography

Floral // Classic Blooms Studio: Floral Designs

Hair // Jacqueline Aquino 

Makeup // Kristine Davis


Matt + Stacy



It was a seven year long journey on the road to becoming the Bauchieros. The charming and historic Mt. Woodson Castle was the perfect setting for Stacy and Matt to finally tie the knot, and on their anniversary no less! From the moment the cameras were rolling, we could tell that the love unfolding before us was so genuine, deeply grounded, and that these were two people who know beyond a doubt that they are meant for each other. It was truly an honor to capture that in their film. Congrats to the Bauchieros, and we wish you many more years on the journey of life together!


Ceremony & Reception Venue // Mt. Woodson Castle

Coordination // Iman of Mt. Woodson Castle

Photography // Whimsie Photographie

Floral // Blooms by Breesa Lee

Makeup // Jen Castelo Makeup Artist

Hair // Susanacbeauty


Tony + Jessica



Check out this super fun Same Day Premiere we did last Saturday! This couple definitely knows how to have fun. We loved everything about their day, especially the epic mannequin challenge grand entrance! We barely felt like we were working due to the laid back and relaxed energy of the day.  Jessica and Tony, the two of you are clearly so much in love, and your joy is contagious. We wish you all the best and a lifetime of happiness!

A big shout out to Us The Duo for allowing the couple to use your song "(Stop) Just Love" for their film!


Ceremony Venue // USD Immaculata Catholic Church

Reception Venue // Green Gables Wedding Estate 

Photography // Limelife Photography

DJ // Love Rockers