Tony + Rachel

Tony + Rachel // Love Story

We are excited to debut our #AtLastLoveStoryGiveaway winner's film!

In this age of online dating, one may be inclined to believe that chivalry is dead. When Tony first saw Rachel's profile, he set out on a mission to prove otherwise.

You see, when you've been waiting 8 long years to meet the perfect girl, you can't just let her pack up her life and start over in New York. You may need to come up with elaborate plans in order to sweep her off her feet and convince her to stay. Tony certainly went above and beyond to show Rachel just how special she is, and that she was indeed the missing piece to his beautiful family.

We just loved how vulnerable and open both Tony and Rachel were about introducing their romance to Tony's children, having a blended family, and what it means to finally be complete this June on their wedding day.

Be sure to check out Rachel's AMAZING singing at 10:17! Her recording of "Oklahoma Sky" by Miranda Lambert was made in secret and then shared with Tony while they were dating. Little did she know it would be played back live when Tony made his rooftop proposal under the San Diego sky.

There is just so much that made this couple's story special -it was hard to fit it all in their film! We had such a blast producing this Love Story and we wish them the best in their future together!