Steve + Bette


Everyone, stop what you’re doing and watch this love story! Steve and Bette celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary today, and are just as wildly in love as ever. They have been writing love letters to each other over the years totaling over 300 letters! Talk about #relationshipgoals!  

Last year, we had the privilege of producing their daughter's Same Day Premiere wedding film, and we just fell in love with their whole family!  It just so happens that she is a talented photographer herself, and that sentimentality runs in the family.  For their anniversary, she captured just how smitten they still are in a beautiful sun-drenched lakeside photoshoot, converted and compiled old VHS footage, and set in motion the creation of this film as a gift.  For their anniversary photos, Bette wore the same wedding dress she wore when she first said their "I do's," and Steve wore the same suit he walked his daughter Charissa down the aisle in.

They once again exchanged letters that encapsulate their deep love and devotion for one another. There is so much about this couple that just makes you go “d’awww!” Get ready for your daily dose of adorable!

Take a look at these stunning photos taken by their daughter Charissa of Charissa Magno Photography!


Cinematography // At Last Wedding Films

Photography   Charissa Magno Photography