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Q:  Do you only offer digital delivery?

No, we can offer Blu-ray disc and or DVD authoring for your wedding film. However, we strong suggest digital delivery, since DVD and Blu-Ray are quickly becoming old technology. Also, we are able to save our client’s from sales tax because our end product is digital!

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Q: Who Chooses the music? 

Music is an extremely important aspect of our filmmaking process. We understand that music is very important for our clients as well. From our experience, clients usually have a song that has a lot of meaning to their relationship. However, we ask our clients for artistic liberty in creating their wedding film, which includes the music selection. There are a number of reasons why we have this policy. Please read our explanation and let me know your thoughts.

  1. We can only legally use music that is royalty-free and that which we can license to use for our project. A lot of mainstream music is either: not available to be licensed, or is incredibly expensive to license (10k fee is not uncommon license fee).
  2. Not all songs that our clients have in mind necessarily have the elements we need to make the most of their wedding film. It might be a great song in its own right, however there are certain qualities we look for in the music selection that allow us to make the film as cinematic as possible. We have been able to produce our best work when we are given an unrestricted creative process.
  3. We usually use instrumental music for our films. This allows us to use audio from your wedding such as toasts, interviews, and vows without competing against a lyrical song. This also usually gives a timeless feel to a wedding film. Picking a song that is popular risks dating your film.

With all that said, we want to make sure we will make a film that you love! Before we start editing, we have a questionnaire that we give our clients that covers musical preferences. For instance, if you strongly dislike country music, we are not going to choose that for your film. We definitely make sure to take your taste in popular music into consideration, and use it as a guide to ensure that we pick music that best fits your preferences and personalities. We maintain artistic liberty to ensure that the music we pick for your film will also fit your story, the specific things that were said in the toasts, ceremony, and candid moments from the day. This freedom helps us tremendously in the filmmaking process, and really allows us to make the best possible film for you!

If having a certain song is very important to you, let us know. We can see if that song is something we can license, and if possible, work with.

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