“My husband and I were very fortunate to have great vendors and At Last was no exception. Jason and Mary were everything we expected and 100 times more! From the beginning they were a breeze to work with. We felt like we were in good hands because of the portfolio they have and also they are the kind of people you can feel totally comfortable with. It’s a priceless quality. Wedding days can be stressful and the videographers are with you all day. It’s important to find a team that makes you feel at ease. Mary and Jason were exactly that.

When the big day finally rolled around Jason and Mary arrived on time and took care of business in an almost invisible way. They got incredible footage and I barely even noticed them around. I’m not usually comfortable speaking in front of the camera but Mary made me feel like we were just chatting. Girl talk almost. It was a perfect time to stop and reflect on what was happening and to almost take it all in. Everyone says that the wedding day flashes by, but I think having Mary helped me soak it all in. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated that.

During our portrait session, my husband and I felt extremely comfortable with Mary and Jason and it was almost like they weren’t there again... in a great way! My husband and I got to share our first moments as man and wife together without feeling like there was a camera in our face the whole time. They respected our space but captured everything at the same time.

Mary and Jason delivered our video on time and also had an awesome preview for us. We appreciated how great they were to work with the day of and we were confident the video would turn out good but seeing the final product just blew us away. They really exceeded our greatest expectations! Getting married feels like a surreal dream, and they collected all of that so beautifully for us. They perfectly captured all of the emotion and love from the day and braided it all together in a gorgeous film. It’s something we’ll watching together and absolutely cherish forever.

We cannot be more grateful to have had them on our team of awesome vendors. If you can’t tell, we HIGHLY recommend At Last. Their prices are fair, they’re a great team, and their end product is ART.”